Welcome to Trykar's English


This is the place to gather information if you got lost on the subway, were kidnapped by aliens, forgot your book on another planet, are bored of looking at Facebook, ran out of music on your iPod, already texted everyone you know five times, were wondering what your teacher's name was, figured you might want to catch up since some of you might think grades are important, or if you were simply absent yesterday.


You are welcome to peruse and offer your comments and ideas. But I would ask that you keep it appropriate, thoughtful, and useful. There are separate pages for both of my English classes. It would be AWESOME if we could all pretend to be adults and only comment on the pages for the class we are in. 


I would also love ideas for additional pages to add to this wiki. Some of you are real technology pros and others of you are super creative and super funny. I would like to exploit your minds to make this a unique and interesting place to be.


To get to where you want to go, click on your class link:


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Things to know about this wiki

  1. This wiki is semi-public, meaning that the general public can read, but not edit, any entry. Therefore, do not put anything on this wiki that you would not be comfortable with the general public seeing.
  2. Anyone with the wiki password can edit any entry on this wiki -- in other words, any of the students in Contemporary English or Advanced English 3,  along with Mrs. Trykar. However, the "History" section of each page not only shows who has edited which entry, but allows earlier versions to be restored. Any malicious editing or inappropriate additions are, therefore, not in your best interest as they will be quickly discovered and dealt with immediately. 
  3. This wiki is not hosted through El Dorado's servers. It may be available at times when EDHS servers are down; the opposite may also occur. Plan for technology to fail at inconvenient times, and you will always be ahead of the game.