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Contemporary English

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Monday August 31

Mandatory Monday #4 (turned in to writing folder)

work on Vocab #2

finish parallelism packet #2 and turn in

Read COW ch. 14


Block 1


Vocab #2 due

Personal Narrative: final draft due

Symbol Review

Quote/Character/Symbol poster

COW ch. 15-16


Block 2


Vocab Test #2

Quiz ch. 10-16 COW

collect study guide ch. 10-16 COW

finish quote/character poster

HW: read ch. 17-18


Monday August 24

Mandatory Monday #3

Vocab #2

Personal Narrative rough draft due B. 1


Block 1


peer edit personal narratives

Parallel structure into handout--due B. 2

COW study guide ch. 10-16

read ch. 10-11 for B. 2

final draft personal narrative due B. 1 next week


Block 2


vocab #2

collect parallel sx handout; new handout

COW ch. 12-13 + study guide


Monday August 17

Mandatory Monday #2

Work on vocab packet #1

Read ch. 4 of COW and do study guide questions


Block 1: 


Personal Narrative packet & Assignment

Rough Draft due Block 1 next week

COW: chapters 5-6


HW: vocab due and test Block 2

COW study guide due B.2


Block 2:


Vocab #1 due and Vocab #1 test

Collect COW study guide ch. 1-6

Dialectical Journals for ch. 7-8

Personal Narrative: rd due B. 1


Monday, August 11

  • Rule, policies, procedures, blah, blah, blah
  • HW: SSR book
  • Mandatory Monday #1

Block 1:

  • SSR + book check
  • Vocabulary Unit 1
  • Telling Stories/memoir, autobiography, biography
  • check out COW
  • Portfolio requirements


Block 2:

  • SSR
  • vocab #1
  • background and ch. 1-2; study guides
  • HW: finish through ch. 2 plus sg questions


study guide 1-6.docx










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