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Contemporary English

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Monday March 30 

MM: on board: graduation

Vocab #14

Lit Circles: must have books by Block 2 or I will assign you a book


Block 1


Vocab #14 due

Resume/Cover Letters: rough draft (on packet) due Block 2 (20 points)

Lit Circles: remember books due Block 2

Final Draft Research Papers due Block 2


Block 2


Vocab #14 test

Collect Final Draft Research Papers

Lit Circles: check books

Reading Schedule: due today


Monday March 23

Vocab #14

MM #11


Block 1


Angela's Ashes movie/notes


Block 2


finish movie; collect notes

get research papers back: FINAL DRAFT DUE APRIL 2/3

Monday March 16

finish vocab 13 due Block 1

Mandatory Monday 10

check your grades

AA ch. 17


Block 1


check vocab 13 test on Block 2

AA ch. 18 Finish book

essay topics (not the prompts): find concrete details for in class essay on Block 2


Block 2

vocab 13 quiz

AA in class essay; open book, open note Angela essay prompts.doc


Monday March 9

Mandatory Monday #9 (will check for 1-9 in writing folders on Thursday)

Last day for makeup/absent work is Thursday lunch

Vocab #13


Block 1


Collect Research papers

DeVry Presentation


Block 2


Vocab #13

Peer Edit Research papers

Listen to ch. 16 of Angela's Ashes


Monday March 3

Mandatory Monday #8

Vocab unit 10-12: Due Block 1



Block 1


Vocab 10-12 due; Quiz on Block 2

Review Rough Draft requirements

AA: ch. 14 and Dialectical Journal


Block 2


Vocab 10-12 Quiz

Review AA ch. 14

AA ch. 15



Monday February 23

MM #7

Vocab Units 10-12 review packet

Work on research paper outline and intro paragraph


DUE: Notecards Block 2

         Outline + intro paragraph Monday March 2


Block 1


Library Lab research


Block 2


Library Lab research (LAST day for research in class)

Notecards due


Monday February 16

Holiday/No School


Block 1




AA quiz ch. 10-12 on Block 2


Block 2


AA Quiz ch. 10-12

Vocab 10-12 Review packet

Research paper: notecards due??; intro paragraph due???; sample paper


Monday February 9

Mandatory Monday #6

Grades are sad; change what you are doing so they are happy

Yearbook voting: senior favorites

Start AA ch. 11


Block 1


In Library/Lab

Noodlebib; research; notecards; ect.


AA: finish chapter 11

Finish vocab 11


Modified Thursday(all classes)

Vocab 11 due

Vocab 11 Quiz

AA ch. 12: finish for Block 1


Monday February 2 

Mandatory Monday #5

Vocab #11

Collect Dialectical Journal ch. 8

Finish Poster started on Friday

Read ch. 9


Block 1


B121 comp. lab: brochure

finish ch. 9 


Block 2


Quiz ch. 4-9

vocab. #11

Ch. 10

Finish Poster



Monday January 26 

Mandatory Monday #4

Finish Vocab #10

Quiz and packet on Block 1

Collect Dialectical Journal for ch. 6

New Dialectical Journal for chapter 7 (5 entries) due block 1


Block 1 


Vocab #10 quiz

check vocab #10 packets

collect DJ ch. 7

Research paper timeline/handouts

add to timeline

Angela's Ashes ch. 8 DJ with 5 entries due Monday


Block 2

Lab: annotated bibliography/brochure



Monday January 19

Holiday No School


Block 1


Mandatory Monday #3

Vocab #10

Review Quote, Paraphrase, Summary packet and turn in last exercise from last week

Review Angela's Ashes to ch. 4

Begin ch. 5 + Dialectical Journal with 5 entries for chapter 5--due on Block 2

Study Guide for ch. 3-4 due on Block 2

HW: finish ch. 5


Block 2


Vocab #10: Please note that the quiz for unit 10 is next Block 1 due to library days

Citation Packet

Start ch. 6 + dialectical journal (5 entries due Monday)

HW: finish ch. 6



Monday January 12

Mandatory Monday #2 (remember to date it!)

Finish chapter 2

Due Block 1: vocab unit 9

Study Guide for chapters 1-2


Block 1


Vocab 9 due

Collect study guides for chapters 1-2

Hand out new study guides for chapter 3-4

Hand out Quote, Paraphrase, Summarize packet: complete the first 3 pages by Block 2

Begin chapter 3

HW: Finish chapter 3, study vocab words, paraphrase packet #1-5, prepare for AA Quiz ch. 1-3


Block 2


Vocab 9 Quiz

Angela's Ashes Quiz chapters 1-3

Complete and turn in work for Quote, Paraphrase, Summarize packet

Begin chapter 4



Monday January 5

Vocab 9

Mandatory Monday (new list) #1


Block 1 


Vocab 9 (due next block 1)

Senior Portfolio reminder

Research Paper topic

Check out Angela's Ashes; read to page 35 and complete SG questions


Block 2


Finish ch. 1 and study guide questions

Sentence/Grammar exercise

HW: Read through page 61 and do study guide questions



Monday December 1

SFOC Book Test


Block 1

Finish SFOC Book Test


Block 2

CSU Essay and District Writing Assessment

Make sure you bring your CSU packet and materials to class

Vocab 8

Turn in SFOC Books

No homework


Homework for Thanksgiving Break: To be completed for Monday December 1

Finish Snow Falling on Cedars

Book Test on Monday December 1

Finish CSU Packet Chart--we will do the writing task IN CLASS on Block 2 of the week we return;

the chart on the back of the packet must be completed by then!


Monday November 17

Mandatory Monday #11

CSU packet: Read WTC article (behind Hamlet's soliloquy)

and complete pages 8-10 of direction packet

CSU chart should have entries for both Lance Armstrong and Hamlet

Read ch. 23-24 of SFOC


Block 1


Finish WTC article, packet, and chart

6th period will need to do this independently

SFOC: themes and evidence

HW: ch. 25-26 of SFOC


Block 2


CSU packet: Human Life Value

Finish packet and assign essay

Essay due Block 1 of week we return from Thanksgiving Break

Finish SFOC over Thanksgiving: Book test Monday Dec. 1



Monday November 10

hmmm...senior ditch day...no bueno!


Wednesday November 12

reading check ch. 20

Read 21 in class

HW: read 22; finish vocab 7, quiz on Block 1


Block 1 (Thurs/Fri)


Quiz vocab 7

ch. 21-22 reading check

CSU packet: Lance Armstrong excerpt

HW: finish chart for CSU packet, read ch 23


Monday November 3

Collect Study Guide SFOC ch. 7-16

Take Ch. 7-16 quiz

New Study Guides ch. 17-22study guide ch. 17-22.doc

Mandatory Monday #10

HW: Read ch. 17


Block 1


Vocab #7

Read Ch. 18

HW: Read ch. 19


Block 2


Vocab #7

Discuss 17-19


CSU Packet: Values and Hamlet's soliloquy; chart

HW: Read ch. 20



Monday October 27

Mandatory Monday #9

Parallelism/Active-Passive Voice review worksheet

SFOC: Read ch. 14--due Block 1


Block 1


Vocab 6 due; quiz Block 2

Review ch. 14

Figurative Language worksheet

Read ch. 15


Block 2


Vocab 6 quiz

Comma Retake quiz #4

Review ch. 15

Read ch. 16

study guides due Monday

study guide 12-16.doc 



Monday October 20

MM #8

Vocab #6

Collect Active/Passive Voice #3

HW: Read ch. 10 if you haven't already


Block 1


work on Vocab #6

Descriptive Writing Project

SFOC ch. 11--due Block 2, be prepared for a quiz on ch. 11


Block 2

SSR work on Vocab #6

quiz ch. 11

Comma Retake #3

SFOC ch. 12-13


Monday October 13

MM #7

Collect Active/Passive Voice #1

Vocab 5--due block 1; test block 2

Read ch. 8 in SFOC


Block 1


SFOC quiz ch. 8

Active Passive voice #2--due Block 2Active2.doc

check vocab 5

Read/discuss ch. 9

Personal Narrative rewrites due Block 2


Block 2


Vocab 5 quiz

Rev. active/passive #2 and collect

Comma retake quiz #2

Active/Passive #3

Personal Narrative rewrites due

Read ch. 10-11  SFOC


Monday October 6

Mand. Mon. #6

Vocab #5

SFOC ch. 6

Study Guide for ch. 1-6 due Block 1


Block 1


comma retake test 1

vocab 5

Collect/go over study guide

Read ch. 7-8 in SFOC

New study guides

Figurative Language


Block 2


comma retake test 2

vocab 5

SFOC ch. 9-10

Figurative Language Posters


Monday September 29

Mandatory Monday #5

Turn in Color of Water Books

Check out Snow Falling on Cedars

Finish Vocab packets

Comma Quiz #1: Block 1


Block 1


Comma Quiz #1

Vocab 4 due

Background on SFOC

Study Guide ch. 1-6    Name.doc

Read chapters 1-2

vocab quiz block 2


Block 2


Vocab 4 Quiz

Review chapters 1-2

Read chapters 3-4


Comma Quiz #2



Monday September 21

Mandatory Monday #4

Vocab 4--due Block 1 next week

review commas

Collect Dialectical Journals

Personal Narrative rewrites due Block 2


Block 1


Discuss essay format

in class essay on Color of Water Block 2

Vocab 4

review comma packets


Block 2

In class essay: Color of Water

Personal Narrative rewrites due 


Monday September 15

Mandatory Monday #3

Vocab 3--due Block 1

Color of Water: Themes--notes


Homework: COW ch. 21 + continue dialectical journal


Block 1 


Check Vocab 3 & go over

COW: Theme exercise

Read ch. 22-23 + dialectical journal


Block 2


Personal Narratives returned--Rewrites due Block 2 next week

Vocab Review Quiz units 1-3

COW ch. 24-25 + dialectical journal


Monday September 8

Mandatory Monday Special Edition: Voting

Collect: Theme for English B

             Study guide ch. 10-16


COW quiz ch. 10-16

Vocab 3--Review packet

No Homework


Block 1  


Vocab 3--work on packet

Quote/Character/Symbol Poster--must be completed during class period

Homework: Read chapters 17-18


Block 2


Vocab 3--work on packet

New study guide ch. 17-25

Present Posters to class

Read ch. 19-20

Homework: read ch. 21


Monday September 1

Holiday. No School


Block 1


Final Draft Personal Narratives due

Vocab packet unit 2 due

Parallelism questions 6-10 due


Finish parallelism packet #2--turn in

Read chapters 11-12 in COW


Vocab test #2 Block 2

Read chapters 13-14 for Block 2


Block 2


Vocab Test #2

Review study guide for chapters 10-14


Read ch. 15 in class


Read ch. 16

Reading Quiz on Monday. chapters 10-16

Theme for English B


Monday August 25:

  • Mandatory Monday #2
  • Vocabulary Packet #2
  • collect Dialectical Journal ch. 7-8 and study guide ch. 1-6


Block 1:

  • SSR
  • Peer Edit Personal Narratives--final drafts due Block 1 next week
  • work on Vocab pkt. #2
  • Parallelism worksheets--packet due Block 2
  • read chapter 9


Block 2:

  • SSR
  • Hand out study guides ch. 10-16  study guide 10-16.docx
  •   collect Parallelism packet #1
  • Hand out/go over Parallelism packet #2
  • Read COW ch. 10-12 and complete SG questions--whatever's not completed in class is homework due Block 1
  • work on Vocab 2--due Block 1
  • Personal Narratives--Final Draft due Block 1



Monday August 18:

  • Mandatory Monday #1
  • Vocab #1--due Block 1


Block 1:

  • SSR
  • check vocab #1--Quiz on Block 2
  • Personal Narrative article jigsaw
  • Personal Narrative prompt
  • Color of Water--ch. 3-4

 Homework: Personal Narrative rough draft due Block 1

                    Vocab Quiz 1 Block 2


Block 2:

  • SSR
  • Vocab Quiz 1
  • Discuss ch. 3-4
  • Read ch. 5-6---study guide due Monday

Homework: Dialectical Journal for chapters 7-8 (6 entries) due Monday with Study Guide for ch. 1-6 


Monday, August 11

  • Rule, policies, procedures, blah, blah, blah
  • HW: SSR book

Block 1:

  • SSR + book check
  • Color of Water agree/disagree
  • "Once I Was, Now I Am"
  • Vocabulary Unit 1
  • Portfolio requirements


Block 2:

  • SSR
  • essential question  + worksheet
  • check out COW
  • background and ch. 1; study guides


study guide 1-6.docx










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